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BBC Panorama the flagship current affairs programme from the BBC are looking for people locally who have been victims of 'Revenge Evictions. 

The Letter: 

I'm currently researching a BBC Panorama programme that is investigating the private rental market in the UK – and specifically the increased rate of revenge evictions.

We're looking across the country for examples of people that have been evicted (or are facing eviction) from these homes through no fault of their own and are now struggling with temporary accommodation. 

Do you think you might have some time for a quick chat so I can explain the programme to you in more depth? I would be very grateful for any time you have to ask you a few questions for research purposes regarding the situation in Brighton.

Best wishes,

BBC Panorama

In 2018! lets stamp out revenge evictions for good and expose bad landlords for who they are. If you have been affected or want to provide information which can help, then please do get in touch.

Housing Campaigner Daniel Harris is taking the lead here. You can contact Daniel Harris on 07400061772 or by emailing him at:

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