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The Battle For Brighton and Hove Labour Continues

The left wing group Momentum which has almost 40,000 members nationally and 2000 locally, have just announced a special meeting with guest speaker Chris Williamson MP. 

The group which was set up to support the now embeded leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn wants the community to get involved with this meeting.


With national governemnt cuts drastically affecting local authories and local decisions becoming more and more centerist in nature, its time the socialist left united and involved the local community to change the shape of the Briighton and Hove Labour Group.

This is a great opportunity for those in the community who vollunteer to consider standing for the labour party in the upcoming local elections. Selections are happening very soon and the deadline for applications is short.

Momentum Brighton and Hove Say: 

"The Labour Party is changing, both nationally and locally. Jeremy Corbyn is the first Labour leader, since Clement Attlee, to have been a local councillor.

He has spoken about "the rebirth of municipal socialism", an end to privatisation, and the protection of jobs and public services. So what is to be done when Labour is in power in local government?"

Thats the question that will be on everyones lips.

The Brighton and Hove Labour Party has been quite controversial in recent years, allegations of spitting at an AGM got the party suspended and split into 3 CLPs. These have since been proven as lies and political smears to stop Corbyn supporting members from taking elected positions in the local party.

With recent victories for the left in the city and a huge change in public and member support for Jeremy Corbyns Labour, which even resulted in Lloyd Russell-Moyle being elected for Labour in Kemptown and Peavehaven last summer.

On the day of the historic vote hundreds of Momentum members bombarded the city with canvassers to get the vote out, these were people coming from all parts of the country to get a Labour government.


Chris Williamson MP

Chris Williamson, the Labour MP for Derby North (@DerbyChrisW), is a leading - and outspoken - supporter of Mr Corbyn.

To mark the start of the process to select Labour candidates for the Brighton & Hove City Council elections in May next year, Momentum Brighton & Hove has invited Chris to discuss what socialist councillors can achieve under a Tory government - and what they can do to prepare for a Corbyn-led government.

Do You Want To Stand For Corbyn and Labour In The Local Elections?

The Meeting is on TUESDAY 20th Feburary at 7:30pm. Friends Meeting House. Ship Street Brighton. 

Finally Momentum Brighton and Hove Said: 

"We hope the meeting will help inspire as many socialists as possible to put themselves forward - before April 3! - for selection as Labour council candidates in our city, to help us achieve the first socialist majority in the history of Brighton & Hove City Council.

Separately, Chris will also address the changing balance of power on the Labour Party's National Executive Committee, as well as the expulsion and suspension of countless party members for political reasons over the last two years.

Other speakers will be announced in the coming days.

Join us at Friends' Meeting House at 7.30pm on Tuesday, February 20th"



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