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T. Chances Eviction Resistance


A campaign group called T. Chances Eviction Resistance has been started due to the unethical eviction of a youth group in Tottenham London.

The Tottenham War Services Institute Steering Committee is raising money to build a legal defence fund for Adam Negraj. Adam must attend a court hearing on Monday 12th February 2018, as he is facing eviction from the home where he has lived and worked for over 12 years as the resident caretaker of the TWSI community centre at 399 High Road, N17 6QN.  

The Brighton Link is this:

One of the main players in this eviction is Angelique Glata. She is a manager for one of Brighton and Hove City Councils Emergency Accommodation providers, Helgor trading Limited.  They were sucessful in a bid to provide hostel accommodation to vulnerable homelesss people and are paid huge sums of money to provide and manage these buildings.

In a new crowdfunding campaign the group say: 

The situation is especially explosive in light of social cleansing in the borough of Haringey. The community centre is owned by the Tottenham War Services Institute (TWSI), a charitable trust that was infiltrated by a property developer named Angelique Glata shortly after the 2011 riots. In exchange for Ms. Glata joining the board of trustees, her boss/business partner Avi Dodi has been giving money under the table to the TWSI.
This money has not been reported on the Charity Commission's public record of the TWSI's accounts. It is no surprise that Mr. Dodi acquired a legal interest on the building in 2016, bringing him one step closer to claiming ownership of a building that was purchased by the people of Tottenham in 1920.

Angelique Glata who manages The Baytree, Heathers and Percival Terrace Hostels in Brighton and Hove has previously had complaints recieved against her for her poor treatment toward vulnerable residents and the unethical way she runs her homelesss hostels. Some have complained of revenge eviction and she is known to employ security guards for the buildings.

The group also claim:

There have been two previous possession hearings in this case, after notice was served late on 18th January 2018. The first hearing, on 22nd January, was adjourned for one week to give Adam time to find representation. The second hearing, on 29th January, was adjourned for the same reason. On both occassions, it is Angelique Glata who showed up with her lawyers to represent the trust. Glata is infamous for executing revenge evictions at homeless hostels which she manages in Brighton.
The TWSI is currently being investigated for a number of crimes including racial harrassment, ABH, gas theft, and fraud. They are also under investigation from the Charity Commission, who say it is likely they will publish a report due to the large amount of complaints they have received from the public. Funding Adam's defence will allow us to slow down the clearance of local people from the building, and stave off the vacant possession which Glata and Dodi want so badly.



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